What Does Your Brand Say About Your Business?

Your brand is your business’s personality, heart, and soul. What does it say about your business?

It is how customers perceive you and your promise to them. And, it is what sets your business apart from others selling or offering the same things. People are not so much loyal to a product as they are to a brand. They will stay with a brand, even if there’s a competitor selling the same thing at a lower price, because of brand loyalty.

A Brand Is Much More Than a Logo

A consumer may see a bottle of Coca-Cola on the shelf next to one that looks, for all intents and purposes, to be the exact same thing, only cheaper. But they’ll pay more for the one with the name they trust, the brand they are loyal to. In almost every instance, they’ll choose Coca-Cola over the generic. That’s because they trust the brand.

Many people confuse brands with logos, but the logo is the means by which the company identifies its brand. When we think of how ranchers brand their cattle, the marking itself is only the logo. The brand identifies it as belonging to the rancher whose cattle it is. We know the rancher, how he raises his cattle, what we can expect from him, his business, and his end product.

The Building Blocks

How to build your brand may seem daunting, but it can be broken down into three steps which we will lay out for you here.

  • Strategy: Decide exactly what it is you want your brand to stand for. What kind of emotion do you want consumers to feel when they think of your brand? How would you describe your company’s personality? Can you hire the right staff that can incorporate that intangible quality into their work?
  • Brand Identity: All the visual elements related to your brand. These will be how you identify your brand with your logo, your packaging, and your website. You want your brand identity to be unique, easily identifiable, and promote positive feelings about your brand.
  • Marketing Your Brand: Marketing is how you build brand awareness. How you market your brand, what you choose to say about it, and how you convey your message should have all your brand elements in it. With a potential audience of over 2 billion people, Facebook should definitely be part of your brand marketing. You can create a Facebook ad yourself with customizable templates where you choose your design. Then add all the elements that make your ad reflect your brand, like color, images, fonts, and text.

Networking is another way to ensure your product’s brand is at the top of mind for consumers and retailers. Attending Chamber of Commerce events, charity functions, and social events allows you to spread your message leaving just the right impression. Creating your own business cards to hand out can also be done using online templates, saving you the cost of having them professionally created.

Learning the Basics

Understanding brands and marketing, along with all the other aspects of obtaining and maintaining a successful business is not something you can learn overnight. It may well be worth your time and effort to explore online business classes that can take your knowledge and your business to the next level. By getting your business degree or MBA online, you can fit your study schedule around your work schedule to make it possible to do both concurrently.

The right branding can make all the difference to the success or failure of a business. Understanding how to use branding can set you apart and build loyalty from your customers, which means a successful and growing business for you.

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your small business. How you market that brand is critical to your company’s success. Who you choose to create the image for your brand, its logo, design, and website presence are equally critical. Evans Design knows how to create a look that customers will easily be able to identify with your brand, letting you stand out in the crowd. Contact us here or call (678) 720-8480, and see how we can bring your brand to life. 

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