Redesign My Website

Website redesign reasons must be carefully considered when starting this goal-driven process. To that end, redesigning your website should be just as much about functionality as it is design.

Not all websites need to be redesigned but if that is the direction you are headed make sure you are going into a redesign for the right reasons. Owning a website is just like owning a house: you are never done improving it. Website redesign is a continuous process, and should be just as much (if not more) about functionality as it is design. The first thing you need to do is set goals for your website to determine if a redesign is in order.

Some Examples of Good Reasons to Redesign Your Website

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  • We want to get found by more prospects.
  • We want to convert more prospects into leads and eventually, customers.
  • We want to take advantage of new technology.
  • We want our site to be more accessible on new devices.



Misguided reasons to redesign your website are driven by the thought that the freshness and “wow factor” of a new website will increase excitement over your brand. The main motivations behind website renovations should be to improve the performance and accessibility of your website. A beautiful website, although intriguing and aesthetically pleasing, is secondary to a functional traffic and lead generating website.

Because the website is such an important element in any company’s marketing, a redesign has to be thought of in terms of the entire marketing plan. This checklist will help make your website redesign a successful one.

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