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Small Business Website Design

Example Small Business Website Design

Small Business Ecommerce Website - Property Rental Website Design

This package is perfect for new or small business that want to maximize the ROI of their web investment.

The broad strokes of our website design packages are we will install and customize the premium WordPress template Avada, design and optimize up-to 10 pages, train you how to properly create new pages and posts, and then train you how to maintain your new website. All customers get 30 days of free support with additional maintenance packages and managed services available.

EDS recommends Avada because it is not only the best selling and best maintained WordPress template available but it is also a very versatile design framework. This allows us to deliver premium quality design and functionality quickly and inexpensively because we’ve honed our process making the customization, maintenance, and training easy and repeatable. This time savings is passed on to you so you can spend your time and money focusing on growing your business.

These website design packages include:

  • Responsive Website Design so you can provide the best user experience (UX) no matter where your customers are
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you can easily build upon as your strategy grows and evolves
  • Basic Inbound Marketing setup so that you can beginning to convert visitors  on Day 1
  • Ecommerce functionality and compatibility so you can quickly and inexpensively start selling online
  • Forum functionality and compatibility so you can easily communicate with visitors
  • Accessible WCAG 2.0 Compatibility
  • Free Theme Upgrades as they become available so your site will always be up-to-date

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Give us a call at (404) 702-1357 or fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact with you shortly.

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Getting Started Checklist

The items below are what you’ll need to have in place in order to get started. We can provide as much consulting as needed to minimize your expenses while maximizing your efforts.

  • Hosting – We suggest WordPress specific hosting with a reputable company like GoDaddy or WPEngine
  • Domain Name / URL – Most hosting companies also provide this service. If you’ve never registered a domain name, we suggest using the same company that you use for hosting.
  • Content – If you need help writing or editing your content there are many services we can recommend that range in price from $.03 – $.22 per word.
  • Branding  – We’ll need all of your branding and identity materials including logo, brochures, advertising, etc. so that we can keep everything consistent with your new website design. If you need a logo or any graphics designed, contact us. Prices start at $250.
  • Get Started!

What to Expect

DAY 1: Kickoff – We send you our website design packages questionnaire to fill out in order to give us a feel for your company’s vision and goals.

DAY 2: Meet – We schedule a phone call or face-to-face meeting to review your information and to start to build a strong relationship.

DAY 2: Plan – We set schedules and set priorities based on information gathered from the questionnaire and meeting.

DAY 3-5: Design & Launch – We take your information, content, vison and goals and begin designing your website. Clients are included during every step of the process to ensure that there are no surprises and all expectations are met. The site will be built in the final environment so there shouldn’t be any unexpected problems when it’s time to go live.

DAY 5-:Train & Maintain – We will train you in how to manage your new site like a pro and we’re always here should you need help.

Website Design Packages Details

Over the years we’ve refined a process that gets small business owners premium design and functionality for a fraction of the cost at larger firms. Small business owners want to get great quality at a great price in order to maximize their budget. This is the most popular of our website design packages because it allows business owners to retain control while also managing their site in house without sacrificing security or peace of mind.

A main goal as a business owner should be owning your digital business assets and your website is the most important one. If you don’t control each of the items below then you don’t really own your website.

WordPress is the most popular open-source software used online so there is no shortage of qualified people that can work in it. There is no more reliable platform. WordPress will be actively grown and supported long into the future and comes with a tremendous and accessible built-in talent pool for future development.

For hosting we recommend GoDaddy or WPEngine because they are both WordPress optimized hosting. Your budget and expected traffic load should inform this decision. GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting offers inexpensive managed services with a tiered pricing structure based on traffic volume. WPEngine is a more advanced WordPress Management Platform and requires more skill and knowledge to maintain.

Both hosting providers’ packages have built in security features such as nightly backups, firewalls, sFTP access, and scheduled Malware scans. Cost for this service is based on traffic and typically ranges between $25-$100 per month.

The bottom-line is we strive to lead clients down a path that allows them to retain complete and centralized control of their web project using best-in-class solutions and receiving premium design and superior results.