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Artificial Intelligence and The Future of SEO

Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning, has become a vital element in how several search engines will rank pages. This effect means it is crucial to understand AI when developing for search. Since search engines are becoming more effective when it comes to identifying quality content, irrelevant backlinks, and keyword stuffing, marketers need to utilize AI [...]

Best Free Design Resources

Free Design RESOURCES - Photography, Vector and HTML 5 Video Sources Gathering Art and Supporting Graphics There are plenty of places that offer subscription services for stock art and photography but that can break the budget quickly, especially if you're just starting out. The resources below are my favorite go-to's when I don't want to [...]

Planning Content for Your New Website

ACTIVITY - Download & Fill Out the Client Interview Form Whenever I start a project I provide the client with a Client Interview Form for them to fill out prior to our kickoff meeting. Go ahead and download yours and fill out as much as you can. It is a good exercise to get [...]