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Suwanee’s top web design company, Evans Design Studio, specializes in custom websites that deliver measurable results. We build high-performing websites for clients locally and globally. Contact us to learn why Suwanee businesses depend on us!

Some of Our Past Clients

Evans Design is trusted by some of the finest companies and organizations in Suwanee, GA. We stand out as a top Suwanee web design company by delivering exceptional results for a diverse range of clients.

Professional Website Services in Suwanee

Evans Design Studio is your go-to creative agency offering exceptional website design, web development, and hosting services for small businesses. We are a custom web design company crafting fast, efficient, and innovative websites that perform well on Google.

Suwanee Web Design for Small Businesses


We’re WordPress experts with years of experience in building CMS websites. We’re here to craft your dream website.

UX Design

Your website will be easy and intuitive to use. We’ll make sure your content is organized and easy to navigate.

E commerce Websites

WooCommerce dominates the e commerce market share with close to 40%. There is no better solution for your online store.


Your website will be accessible across devices with a mobile experience for modern users on-the-go.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer search engine optimization because whether your site is selling you or your products, we will build it to rank and be seen.


Your website will load fast! We implement a caching strategy that includes image optimization so that your site is available when customers access it.


Your website should be a growth hub that functions seamlessly with all of your social, marketing and sales tools.

Digital Marketing

We offer full service digital marketing including SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing to boost your online presence.

What do Evans Design Studio clients say?

5 Star Top Rated Web Design and Digital Marketing Company

Evans Design is – by far – the best creative agency I’ve worked with. They are extremely creative and deliver a superior product every time and usually ahead of schedule. I know my projects are in good hands when EDS is working on them. I would be nervous about sending my work anywhere else.

Kirk Englehardt, Georgia Tech Research Institute

I highly recommend Evans Design Studio! Chip designed our business logo and web design. We are very pleased with the finished product. He is creative, while maintaining a sleek, eye-catching and user-friendly design. He is collaborative, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Their expertise as a digital marketing firm has significantly boosted our online presence.

Dr. Vanessa Ragukonis, DO, Lanier Family Psychiatry

When upgrading our website design, software and server, Evans Design Studio played a vital role in both design and technical support. We experienced challenges as is common, but they were responsive day and night.

Lacey Facer, Draffin & Tucker

I needed a web designer to help me out and Chip was totally responsible for getting my website to where it is today. They quickly recognized what I needed and especially the things I did not know I needed. They were able to get ideas from my mind and to the internet. I continually get positive comments on my website. Thanks!

Parkey Thompson, Financial Focus

I highly recommend Evans Design for your web-site needs. They built our luxury online boutique ecommerce website and were quick to grasp the intent of what we were trying to communicate. They were timely and efficient and always kept our organization’s best interest at heart. Working with Evans Design was better than having a full time web master on payroll.

Jason T. Quimby, Marina & Carrara

I have worked with Evans Design on four different web design projects. We worked together on several digital solutions including inbound marketing, social media strategies, and content marketing desined to convert visitors. They bring a rare combination of technical skills and visual design prowess to the creative mix. Besides crafting user friendly websites, Chip is also a good listener and that can be of paramount importance for clients that may be relatively new to the world of web design!

John Valentine, Stone & Tile Design

Evans Design in Suwanee, GA, specializes in creating websites that follow industry best practices, helping U.S. businesses convert visitors into customers.

Suwanee Web Design Company Portfolio

Our portfolio reflects the high standards we maintain, comparable to the best Suwanee web design agencies.

Suwanee Healthcare Web Design

Suwanee Healthcare Web Design

Evans Design Studio worked with Lanier Family Psychiatry to create a new brand and website design.

Suwanee Shipping Company Website Design

Custom Web Design for Suwanee Shipping Company

Evans Design Studio worked with SC Pros to create a custom website and launch their business.

Custom Web Design for Suwanee Law Firms

Suwanee Law Firm Web Design

Evans Design Studio worked with Kunnatha Injury Lawyers to create two custom websites – one in English and one in Spanish.

Custom Web Design for Suwanee Landscape Company

Landscape Company Web Design

Evans Design Studio worked with Scarlet Oak to create a custom website with local SEO.

Custom Web Design for Suwanee Construction Company

Construction Company Web Design

Evans Design Studio worked with Monolith Commercial Group to create a custom website.

Custom Web Design for Suwanee Accounting Firm

Accounting Firm Web Design

Evans Design Studio worked with Elm3 Financial to redesign their website to better serve their clients.

Custom Website Built for Suwanee Physical Therapy Practice

Web Design for Physical Therapists

Evans Design Studio worked with One on One Physical Therapy to redesign their website to better reflect the quality of their practice.

Small Business Website Design for Suwanee Financial Advisors

Web Design for Financial Advisors

Evans Design Studio worked with Spectrum Wealth Planning to design their website and launch their business.

Small Business Website Design for Suwanee Construction Company

Web Design for Construction Company

Evans Design Studio worked with Mitre Construction to design their website and attract local leads.

As a comprehensive marketing agency, we provide not only web design but also digital marketing solutions to help businesses thrive.As a comprehensive marketing agency, we provide not only web design but also digital marketing solutions to help businesses thrive.

Award-Winning Web Design Agency in Suwanee

PRSA Award for Excellent Design
Award for Excellent Design
Award for Excellent Design

Over the years, our award winning design has allowed us to be recognized as a leading design agency for which we have received awards from reputable sources such as PRSA, Expertise, and MARCOM.

Our recognition as a full-service digital marketing agency underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our Design Process

Leveraging 25+ years of experience as web designers in Suwanee, we’ve optimized our approach to emphasize WordPress development. We consistently deliver high-performing websites that meet deadlines and budget constraints. Our method rivals the best Suwanee web design agencies, ensuring top-notch quality and client satisfaction.

Working closely with a project manager, you’ll receive guidance throughout the entire process from inception to completion. With multiple awards in our portfolio, hundreds of websites built, and a solid reputation for meeting clients’ needs precisely, our team delivers outstanding websites on time and within budget.

Website Design Checklist

The Website Design Process outlined below is based on our extensive website design project checklist.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Suwanee web design prices depend on the website’s size, complexity, and the designer’s experience. A small business website generally costs between $1,000 and $20,000. However, the actual cost depends on your site’s specific features and size, so costs could be higher or lower. Pricing can differ significantly among Suwanee web design firms, influenced by the project’s scope and complexity.

Follow these steps to find an affordable web designer who meets your needs and budget, ensuring a successful website project.

  • Clearly outline what you need and determine how much you can afford to spend
  • Look for local talent first and shortlist potential designers
  • Look at the designer’s portfolio and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients
  • Create a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Compare the quotes not just on price but also on what is included in the package
  • Reach out to Evans Design to discuss your project
  • Ask about their process, timeline, experience with similar projects
  • Ensure you have a contract in place that clearly outlines the scope of work, payment terms, timelines, and any other relevant details
  • Maintain regular communication throughout the project to avoid misunderstandings and ensure the project stays on track

The time needed by Suwanee web designers to build a website varies. Factors such as site complexity, required features, the designer’s expertise, and the tools used influence this. Websites with standard functions like animated banners and forms, with fewer than 20 pages, typically take 4-6 weeks. E-commerce sites and custom-developed web applications take longer and are planned according to their specific needs.

The time to build a website varies significantly based on its complexity and needs. A basic website may take around 45-90 hours, whereas a complex, custom site could require 230-430+ hours. Clear communication, detailed planning, and understanding the scope are essential for accurate time estimation and efficient completion.

The “7-second rule” for websites suggests you have approximately seven seconds to grab a visitor’s attention upon their arrival. During this short span, visitors should be able to discern the site’s purpose, find crucial information, and be motivated to explore more.

  • Straightforward Communication
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Design with accessibility in mind
  • Use a consistent color scheme, typography, and style
  • Use high-quality images and graphics
  • Provide content that is relevant and valuable
  • Optimize your content for search engines
  • Keep your content fresh and up-to-date
  • Optimize your site to load quickly
  • Use HTTPS to secure data
  • Guide users towards desired actions
  • Track Performance
  • Provide ways for users to give feedback
  • Keep your design simple
  • Prioritize essential content and features
  • Implement marketing automation tools to streamline your marketing efforts and improve efficiency.
  • Optimize your website for search engines to improve visibility and attract more visitors.

Web design guidelines include:

  • Clearly defining the main purpose of the website
  • Establishing specific goals for what you want to achieve
  • Understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviors of your target audience
  • Following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make your site accessible to users with disabilities
  • Spend ample time and effort on content development for content marketing
  • Designing the website to be responsive, ensuring it works well on various devices and screen sizes
  • Optimizing images, using efficient code, and leveraging caching to ensure fast loading times.

Most business owners will hire a web design firm to build websites that convert visitors into leads or customers. A converting website relies on a robust online marketing strategy designed for lead generation, effectively turning visitors into leads, customers, or local clients. This optimization encourages users to take actions such as making purchases, signing up for newsletters, or filling out contact forms. Key elements of high-performing websites typically include:

  • Clear Value Proposition
  • Visually Appealing User-Friendly Design (UX)
  • Strong Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  • High Quality Visual Elements
  • Trust Signals
  • Fast Load Times
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Effective Use of Analytics

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Evans Design in Suwanee, GA, specializes in creating websites that follow industry best practices, helping U.S. businesses convert visitors into customers.