Spruce Up Your Website with These Graphic Design Trends

Trends come and go. Don’t miss out on capitalizing. We’ve put together some of the best graphic design trends to help bring your business to the next level.

If your website is in desperate need of a visual overhaul, you’re not alone. There are tons of sites on the net that could benefit from a digital facelift, be it with a new logo or better UI. Lucky for you, creating the best looking site doesn’t have to be too costly. All you really need to create that visual design you’ve been after is knowledge of the right graphic design trends.

If you’re ready to get started and make your site look better than ever, read on! We’re sharing the best graphic design trends that you need to know about.

1. Be Bold With Your Colors

One of the most popular design trends is the use of bright, vibrant colors. The right color scheme is important, and part of that is choosing the perfect hue and shade.

It’s all about the mood that you want to set with your site’s design.

If you’re looking to create something dark, sultry, or mysterious, go with a dark blue or even light purple. To create a warm, welcoming feeling to your website, use primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue.

It’s all about you and how you want your site to look and feel.

Bold Colors and Geometric Shapes - Graphic Design Trends to Spruce Up Your Website
Country Floors new site design utilizes a bold color palette applied to a minimal design. The excellent photography highlights the geometric shapes inherent in the product.

2. Geometric Shapes

Here’s a really cool trend that’s sure to set you apart! Geometric shapes are among some of the most popular design tools on the internet.

Gone are the days of boring, flat design. These days, it’s all about creativity and using shapes to put the focus on your brand.

When used well, the perfect shape can really make your site pop and make it more memorable to the user.

3. Hand Drawn Graphics

The net is in love with clever, hand drawn graphics. There’s just something more fun about a homemade image.
Set your brand apart by really crafting your website. Hand drawn designs feel individually crafted, and therefore more special.

Best of all, hand drawn images can be acquired for a relatively low cost. Chances are, there’s a local artist in your area who would love to have you commission them for some work.

Take a look at some of these designs. They stand out, don’t they? Remember, you can’t build a great website without exercising a bit of creativity.

4. Minimalism

You know that one room in your house that you don’t want to enter because it’s so cluttered? A poorly designed website is the exact same way.

There are so many sites on the web that would benefit from a bit of decluttering. Keep things simple by only focusing on the bare minimum.

Minimalism is one of the biggest graphic design trends, as it forces the designer to get back to the basics. You still keep full functionality of your site. It just features less distracting elements.

After all, sometimes less is more.

5. Use Better Photos

They say that a photo is worth 1,000 words, and we’d agree.

Every website needs at least a few photos. Be it a photo of you and your team or your latest product, photography is an excellent way to connect with users.

Be sure you’re using gorgeous, hi-res imagery to show off how special your site is.

Now that you know some of the biggest graphic design trends, it’s time to improve your site! Get in touch today and see how you can transform your website and give it a sleek, professional look.

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