Marketing From a Distance

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Marketing From a Distance Content is Still King It's an unusual time in the business world. But just because business may be on pause doesn't mean we shouldn’t stay in touch. Now is the time to talk to people about mutual interests and offer assurances. I wanted to sponsor the Spirit of Architecture series because, quite simply, I love architecture. And I wanted to share that. In these times, it's important for people to share common ground: the same holds [...]

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Website Ranked

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5 Easy Steps to Get Your Website Ranked In an ideal SEO scenario, having the ability to make a few changes to your website and immediately have your website rank #1 for your chosen keyword would be perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and you have to play the long game when it comes to SEO optimizsation as there’s no shortcut to your wanted success. In this post, we’ll look at what steps are needed in order to increase your [...]

How is your website performing?

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How is your website performing? There is no question that local search optimization is the best way to increase the visibility of your business and that reputation management is the best way to gain more customers or clients. Both of them together will increase your revenue because without local SEO and positive customer reviews, your business could not only miss out on qualified traffic, but also miss out on sales. Learn more.

Content Marketing and SEO for 2018

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Start Focusing on Content Marketing and SEO Now for 2018 - PPC ROI is questionable and Google's Mobile-first index is coming soon, I don’t really know if there is a disruption coming but it feels like it. If that is the case then organic ranks could be up for grabs, especially in niche and local searches and that makes Content Marketing and SEO more important than ever.

6 Free SEO Tools Business Owners Should be Using

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6 Free SEO Tools Business Owners Should be Using You went through the trouble of building a website because you want it to be seen. Search engine optimization is how you make that happen. It is the most important strategy for business owners trying to drive traffic to their websites. Here are 6 important free seo tools for small business! You might be a seasoned businessman with no SEO experience or a small business with more time than money. Regardless [...]

7 Reasons Why Local SEO Should Be Your Focus in 2017

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7 Reasons Why Local SEO Should Be Your Focus in 2017 Do you have a physical location that you want human beings to voluntarily show up and spend money at? Will your business benefit from being found? Is air important to you? Why Local SEO should be your focus in 2017 or 2018 or beyond is why we're here today. Not all of your focus but a big part. Here's why. 1. Less Competition With Local SEO When it comes to [...]

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