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My goal at Evans Design is to create 260 new t-shirt designs this year, one for each working day of 2018. I’ll be posting 5 new designs every Monday and the rules I’ve set for myself is:

  • shirts will only be regular unisex t-shirts
  • shirt colors will be white, black or navy
  • shirt colors available will depend on the graphic
  • printing will only be on the front like old-school concert Ts

I will strive to create original artwork and ideas so each finished T-Shirt will be unique and only available here. That isn’t to say that I won’t use some stock art here and there to speed up the process but I’m not going to buy a graphic and print it on a shirt and call it something original. Final pieces will be original concepts only available here. Some of our shirts are graphics based on simple truths and some of them commemorate lesser celebrated holidays like January 1st.

They are made to order here in the U.S. so it may take a couple days to get them to you. The more you order the more you’ll save on shipping so buy more than one. They make great gifts. If you have any ideas let me know because if I’m actually going to hit 260 shirts designed in 2018, I’ll need input. Email me a picture of you wearing your shirt and I’ll post it to the blog or tag @evansdesignstudio or #EDS250 on Instagram.