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    Guaranteed Local Leeds

    If you are a local brick and mortar or service business that wants more local leads, this is exactly what you need. This package is an inexpensive way to not only get a local leads funnel set up for your business but you'll also gain the experience of setting it up. This means you can use this recipe to set up a lead funnel for each of your products or services.
    • I can guarantee that this recipe will increase brand awareness locally and
    • I can guarantee it will generate local leads for you with an ad budget of as little as $100 each month.
    • I can't guarantee that these leads will turn into customers. That part is up to you.
    What you need:
    • Website
    • Facebook Page
    • Telephone #
    • Monthly advertising budget of $100
    What you get:
    • Up to 2 hours of time with a professional setting up your funnel and targeting your audience
    • 5 Professional Facebook Posts including custom images & copy
    • 1 Page of Content for your website
    • Facebook advertising campaign guaranteed to generate leads for your business