Selecting the Right Fonts Can Improve Website Conversions

In this article we take a look at how selecting the right fonts can improve website conversions by helping to align tone, style, and messaging. After all, making a website successful isn’t all about the amount of traffic it gets. It’s about the amount of traffic converts, or it’s conversion rate.

There are various factors involved in making a website successful. One of them is optimizing the conversion rate (CRO). CRO is a system that measures the desired activity taken by visitors. It most often means when visitors convert into customers so the higher the conversion rate, the more effective your website is.

So how do you increase your CRO with typography?

Choose Fonts That Fit Your Message

Selecting the Right Fonts to convey the right tone.
Selecting the Right Font For a Super Serious Contract Fail

Whether you realize it or not, fonts have personality. And through their personality they convey subtle meaning to the viewer. This is why failing to choose your fonts intentionally is a big mistake. Don’t beat yourself up about it though. We all do it.

I’m sure you’re thinking how big a deal can the font really be? Well, the job of the text you read is to express ideas clearly so the viewer has to do the understands them. A legal document printed in Comic Sans could be a very poorly placed distraction. Legal documents are generally serious documents and while Comic Sans is a professionally designed font, it’s not designed for professional documents.

Montserrat Font Family Photo
Montserrat Font Family Photo

Apply this idea to your website. Ask yourself what tone your website projects. Does this tone align with your content, imagery and messaging? What font best matches this tone?

I play around with the fonts on this website more than I should. Fonts are fun and I can’t help changing them up. One constant always remains though and that’s the body font. It’s the one that is looked at the most so above all things it needs to be legible. This is also a digital design firm so it needs to have style. That’s why I chose the Montserrat font family. It is modern, stylish and extremely flexible with a range of weights and styles available on the web and in print.

Pair Fonts That Complement Each Other

Choosing the Right Fonts because Complementing Fonts are Complementary
Choosing the Right Fonts Because Complementary Fonts Complement Each Other

There is no shortage of font enthusiasts out there writing long blog posts about which fonts go best together. A quick Google search can go a long way to speeding up this process for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing more than one font.

  1. The old-school, probably unwritten rule is keep it to two font families.
  2. Fonts usually pair pretty well if they have clear contrasts.
Choosing the Right Fonts Pairing Examples:
Choosing the right fonts can be as easy as pairing Serifs & San Serifs. They go well together and are pretty interchangeable between headings and body copy.
Choosing the Right Fonts Using A Serif and San-Serif Combination
When choosing the right fonts consider Condensed and Wide fonts that go well together.
Consider Pairing Wide and Condensed Fonts
Choosing the right fonts can be challenging when pairing decorative and san-serifs.
Choosing a Decorative Font for Headings is an Easy Way to Add Visual Interest