Case Study

Hurst Insurance & Financial Services

We worked with Hurst Insurance & Financial Services to redesign their brand and redesign their website.

Hurst Insurance & Financial Services website desktop layout

Hurst Insurance & Financial Services, situated in Lithia, Florida, has been a trusted provider of life, Medicare Supplement, and health insurance since 1998. Their commitment revolves around adopting an impartial and transparent approach, leveraging their extensive experience and research to identify the insurance products that precisely align with their clients’ requirements. As a notable player in the financial sector, they understand the significance of a robust online presence and were actively exploring a website builder for financial services to enhance their accessibility and client engagement. Thus found us!

A cohesive message for insurance & financial services

Recognizing the importance of facilitating transparent communication and seamless information access, we made it a priority to implement a clean and polished design. This was successfully accomplished through the integration of clear visuals and straightforward language, effectively elucidating the distinctions among the various insurance products we provide.

Hurst Insurance & Financial Services website ipad layout

A rebrand and responsive website redesign

After our rebranding and redesign work, we now have a dynamic and very functional website. This website makes it easy for users to understand, no matter what device they use. People visiting the website can now easily use it and find the information they need, no matter if they are using a computer, phone, or tablet. This helps Hurst connect with more people and build better relationships with the people they want to reach.

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