Featured Website Design Portfolio

A selection of websites we’ve built that have helped these businesses reach their goals online.
Capstone HCM

Empowering HR Excellence with Capstone HCM: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Electrify Your Vision, Power Your Success

  • Continuous performance optimization through analytics and feedback

  • Seamless transition between different screen orientations

  • Reduction of server response time by optimizing database queries and caching


Electrical & Communication Supply

Electrify Your Vision, Power Your Success

  • Continuous optimization and improvement efforts

  • Integration of web performance optimization techniques improves website speed and user experience


  • Simplified content management with responsive design templates and modular components

stone&tile Design

Crafting Timeless Spaces with Stone & Tile Mastery

Quality Craftsmanship: Setting Standards in Stone & Tile Excellence

  • Educational resources providing insights into the properties and benefits of different stone and tile materials

  • Comprehensive galleries showcasing a wide range of stone and tile products

  • High-resolution images showcasing the intricate details of stone and tile products


Signature Wealth Management Group

SWMG: Where Digital Design Meets financial strategy

  • Accessibility audits and testing with assistive technologies

  • Accessible multimedia content with subtitles or transcripts

  • Responsive design breakpoints for different devices


PARAGON; A Model of Excellence

Elevate Your Online Presence with Paragon
  • Compliance with web standards and best practices

  • Progressive enhancement for enhanced capabilities in modern browsers

  • Responsive forms and interactive elements

Sean O’Keefe

A Hospitality & Multi Media Marketing Company

Empowering Sean O’Keefe’s Digital Presence with Expert Design Mastery

  • Progressive enhancement for older browsers

  • Continuous improvement based on user feedback and technological advancements.

  • Consistent user experience across devices

Tile Design

Design Tile

Design Tile: Where Innovation Meets Imagination

  • Accessibility considerations for users with disabilities

  • Regular performance audits and improvements

  • Responsive design testing on various devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops)

Warehousing, Shipping, Distribution, & Fulfillment

SC Pros

SC Pros: Crafted for Success by Evans Design Studio

  • Fluid grid layout that adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes.

  • Flexible images and media to maintain quality across devices.

  • Clear and intuitive navigation for easy access on all devices.

Comprehensive Real Estate Settlement Services

Eastern Closing Services

Eastern Closing Services: Elevating Transactions, Crafted by Evans Design Studio

  • Consistent branding and design elements across breakpoints
  • Optimized typography for readability on various screen sizes
  • Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) for sharp and clear visuals
Electrical, Lighting, and Project Managers

SLL Services

Securing Connections: Empowering Your Digital Presence with SSL Excellence

  • Fluid Design and Layout
  • Flexible Media and Content
  • Optimized Performance and Accessibility

Strategic Planners

The Complete Agency

The digital realm awaits the innovative design and seamless functionality made by Evans Design Studio

  • A digital canvas for innovation and impact.

  • Shaping a dynamic online identity.

  • Your vision into the virtual spotlight.


Scarlet Oak Tree Service

Where Digital Artistry Meets Tree Artistry: Discover Our Tree Service Portfolio from Evans Design Studio

  • Our Websites Rooted in Excellence

  • Where Pixels Transform into Perfection.

  • Digital Excellence in Every Pixel.

The Tile Doctor

Crafted an Informative Website with Unleashed SEO Magic for Enhanced Visibility!

  • Prioritized user experience, featuring an intuitive and visually appealing design that ensures seamless navigation and engagement.

  • Provided valuable, relevant, and well-organized content, catering to the needs and interests of their target audience, thereby establishing credibility and trust.
  • Optimized for speed, ensuring quick loading times, and are also search engine optimized to enhance visibility, driving organic traffic and maximizing online reach.

Digital Marketing

The Local Nova

By crafting The Local Nova website, we empowered them with a sleek online presence.

  • Seamlessly showcasing their products and expertise to a global audience
  • Fostering business growth through an engaging and user-friendly platform.

  • Allowing visitors to explore their offerings with ease.
Web Design Company for Auto Spa

Dynamic Auto Spa

We worked with Dynamic Auto Spa, a high-end car care company, to redesign their website.

  • A robust, image driven website

  • Highlight the level of their talent and skill

  • Loads quickly and can be easily updated

Financial Website Design Case Study: Capital Research Advisors
Financial Services

Capital Research Advisors

We worked with Capital Research Advisors to create a website to launch their redesigned brand.

  • Intuitive navigation structure that allows users to easily access information

  • Highlight the company’s new brand visuals

  • A user-friendly, inviting website for their renowned company.

Web Design for Alpharetta Construction Company

Monolith Commercial Group

We worked with Monolith Commercial Group, hospitality renovation specialists, to redesign their website.

  • Showcase their capabilities and drive new leads

  • Help users understand what they have to offer and easily take the next step

  • An inviting, easy to use website that makes users feel comfortable contacting Monolith

Web Design for Financial Services Company
Financial Services

Hurst Insurance & Financial Services

We worked with Hurst Insurance & Financial Services to redesign their brand and redesign their website.

  • Quickly find the insurance products that best meets their needs

  • Deliver a clear message to users across all devices

  • A user-friendly, inviting website for their renowned company.

We partnered with Elm3 Fnancial Group to revamp their brand identity and enhance their website design.
Financial Services

Creates Strategic Investment & Financial Plan

We collaborated with Elm3 to revamp their brand and overhaul their website design.

  • Deliver a clear message to users across all devices

  • An inviting and user-friendly website for their esteemed company

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