4 Month SEO Strategy Plan

Evans Design Studio follows a 4 Month SEO Strategy Plan proven to generate targeted traffic by giving Google exactly what it wants. This in-depth SEO strategy example would work for anyone looking for an easy to follow template.

This is a good thing for small business owners to outsource because the ROI is high and there aren’t any contracts.

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SEO Johns Creek - 4 Month SEO Strategy Plan Free Download

This download covers:

Month 1: Domain Review & SEO Strategy Development

The domain needs to be assessed so we clearly know exactly what we’re working with.

Month 2: Onsite Optimization

After planning the overall SEO strategy, the next step is to optimize your website.

Month 3: Off-Site Optimization

Once your site is optimized, it is time to re-review your internet presence and start getting the updated page information out to the search engines.

Month 4: SEO Maintenance and Updates

To keep the momentum going, it is essential to continue posting and promoting fresh content on a regular basis and monitor and fine-tune your SEO strategy each month.