Marketing From a Distance

Content is Still King

It’s an unusual time in the business world. But just because business may be on pause doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay in touch. Now is the time to talk to people about mutual interests and offer assurances.

I wanted to sponsor the Spirit of Architecture series because, quite simply, I love architecture. And I wanted to share that. In these times, it’s important for people to share common ground: the same holds true for your business and your customers. Businesses can maintain a presence among their customers without alienating them. Talk about mutual interests before you talk about your business. Talk about what you love and how you think your customers will love it too, especially once things settle down. They’ll appreciate you for it.

Delivery & Consistency

Shaking hands may be a thing of the past. Our “new normal” means Zoom meetings and no-contact deliveries, and it’s paramount that your business prioritize adapting to this novel environment. Adjusting the way you operate is not only a smart business decision – it also signals to potential customers that you’re putting them first.

Moving forward, the digital world is going to play an increasingly larger role in our lives. So is brand loyalty. Brands that communicate effectively and treat customers and employees well will see real loyalty when this is all over.

The general public has a short memory, especially during times of disruption. That’s why communicating consistently is so crucial. Be purposeful when planning a communication strategy. On some level, you’re training the public to anticipate receiving your email, seeing your social post, or checking your website for a new article. If you lack consistency in your communications, then your efforts will lose impact.

Share Freely

We’re facing unprecedented challenges and many of our friends, neighbors and customers are overwhelmed. What can you share freely to support them through this ordeal? Now is a good time to offer education or guides that develop 21st-century skills aimed at helping them move forward. I’ve noticed a fantastic outpouring from authors and studios releasing books, movies, games, and other forms of entertainment – for free. People will remember who helped them through these tough times.

In an effort to practice what we preach, Evans Design is putting together our “Business From a Distance” Guide Series to help small businesses and budding entrepreneurs be productive during this time. We’re starting with a DIY Website Design Guide with plenty of supporting resources, including a Facebook group where we’ll answer questions. We’ll follow this up with more free guides and tutorials focusing on design, e-commerce, and SEO.

Contact Evans Design if you want to brainstorm how your company can market from a distance in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you all, and be well.

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