Exactly How To Start Your T-Shirt Company

Exactly How to Start a T-Shirt Company in 7 Steps, for 9 Dollars in about an hour.
You’ve heard of the power of Facebook & Instagram advertising?
Guess what? For only $9 you can start a professional t-shirt business and be up and selling on Facebook and Instagram in under an hour.

7 Steps, 9 Dollars & an Hour?

That’s right. You can have a professional store and be ready to advertise and sell on Facebook in less than an hour. To do this you’re going to follow these 7 steps to combine a few services so that you’ve got the basics covered: a way to make products and fulfill orders, a place to sell your products, and a way to advertise so you can grow.

Step 1: Get a PayPal Account

PayPal is how the money moves so if you’re one of the seven people that don’t already have a PayPal account feel shame and then you should go get one.

If you have already joined the digital revolution please proceed to Step 2.

Open a PayPal Account

Step 2: Make a Facebook Page

If you don’t have one already, create a Facebook page for your business – which isn’t the same as your personal Facebook page. You should only feel shame if your business has been around awhile and you don’t already have a Facebook page.

I’ve had to answer this question more than once but in case you aren’t already aware, you can have as many Facebook Pages as you want but you’re supposed to only have one personal Facebook Profile and you have to get the Profile first, make Pages second.

Set Up a Facebook Page

Step 3: Get Shopify Lite

Shopify is the e-commerce platform that will integrate with your Facebook Business Page and Printful.

Shopify is a paid e-commerce platform that easily integrates with Printful as well as many other useful plugins. The $9 per month lite version of Shopify is well worth the money and all you need to get started. The good thing is you get a 14 day free trial to test drive everything. The bad news is you have to activate the account in order to fully test drive everything. The good news is they don’t charge you for the full 14 days so you can cancel the transaction if you feel like selling online is too stressful for you.

Sign Up for Shopify Lite