1. Getting Started

In this course I focus on WordPress as the content management system and Avada as our theme and website building tool. The reason I do this is because WordPress is the industry standard and it is free. There is no better platform to build your website on. I use Avada because it is the most popular WordPress theme and the company that builds it also builds and maintains Fusion Builder.

The combination of WordPress, Siteground and Avada is what my business’ website runs on, what my other websites run on, and what I sell every client I work with. This combination allows me to provide a ridiculous level of premium functionality for what I consider a ridiculously low cost. I say that as a guy that has been building websites since the 90s. I might work with other hosts if the client already has one, but I only build websites using WordPress and Avada.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is free & open source and the industry standard. Plus there is a large talent pool of people that can work with it. As a website owner, if you ever wanted to hire someone to manage your site for you, there are plenty of people that can do it and it won’t break your budget.

Why Avada & Fusion Builder?

Avada is not only the most popular theme of all time but it is the only theme that Theme Fusion makes. This makes it a dependable choice because it will continue to be maintained, extended and supported well into the future. It is the easiest to use, has a front-end designer, and comes loaded with premium functionality.

Next Steps:

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