How long does it take to design a website?

A website is a fairly complex endeavor. At Evans Design we try to streamline and make the process as easy and painless as possible. A web design project can be broken down into familiar chunks seen in our Website Design Project Checklist.

  • A Custom Website Design or Redesign will follow all of the steps and will take approximately 2 weeks.

  • A Pre-Made Website will skip steps 2 & 3 and will take approximately 2-3 days.

1. Project Kickoff

Kickoff the project by bringing all stakeholders together to clearly understand the vision, define the goals, create a map, identify assets and resources, and delegate responsibilities.

2. Website Design

Using what is learned in the project kickoff, create a website design comp. Lead the client through the iterative process until a final design is chosen. Finalize content.

3. Website Development

Prepare the environment, CMS and theme. Using the sitemap, create a skeleton of the site. Beginning with the home page, build out the pages using the design comp as a blueprint. Integrate functionality, CTAs and touchpoints along the user journey and lead the client through the iterative process until final sign-off.

4. QA & SEO:

Client and Designer go through their checklists to test and verify that all functionality is working properly. The designer then optimizes the website, installs analytics and tracking code, and thoroughly tests the mobile experience.

5. Website Delivery

Once development sign-off happens, it is time to launch the site and tell the world. Hand-off the site to the client by providing access, licenses and training. When the project is closed, ensure client satisfaction and follow-up regularly.