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Clarify and Describe the Vision

Evans Design begins each project with a deep dive analysis in order to fully understand your vision. We do this by interviewing stakeholders, identifying sources of information and asking the questions that should influence the vision.

  • What is the purpose, mission and audience?
  • What are the goals and expected outcomes
  • What are the corporate cultural influences?
  • How can we align these aspects?

We strive to create a holistic picture of the outcome and then plan how to get everyone there. We listen, examine and determine what can be or has been collected and analyzed to ensure the outcome will be targeted, specific, resourced and based on best practices.

Create Action Through Meaning

Through design we seek to initiate action from the user. Great design is built on meaning and at Evans Design Studio, that is what we strive for by creating meaningful user experiences.

Each new project presents a unique and fascinating set of challenges that must be identified and addressed if we want to be successful in creating significant meaning and experience. We recognize and understand the economy of making the time a user spends interacting with your brand worthwhile.

Economy of Effort

Consistency and clarity are important so users know what to expect, where to find things, and what commonly used terms mean in your brand’s context. Users derive meaning from structure and need guidance. We purposefully include redundancy in our designs with the location and frequency of navigation paths in an effort of lead users to important and useful information.

Provide Consultant Expertise

Evans Design thrives on the creative process of working collaboratively towards specific and well-defined goals. We thrive on dreaming, problem-solving and creative design challenges and will work closely with members of your team to imagine and re-imagine effective and innovative approaches to designing the future.

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