Logo Mark Design All Heart Atlanta

All Heart Atlanta hired Evans Design to give their logo mark design a fresh new look before we redesign their website. The old logo had a heart with both a red and black outline, a heart beat, and the words “All Heart Atlanta” as a part of the logo mark. In addition, the logo also had the words “All Heart Atlanta” next to the logo mark.

The new logo design is simple, clean and doesn’t look like the other two million heart logos out there. The bold colors and simple design keep viewers focused on the company name making it a recognizable brand in a sea of competition. For this new logo, we simplified the logo mark to only have one color and no words. We wanted it to be a bit more abstract and integrated with the name of the company in order to stand out from the sea of other heart logos out there.

All Heart Atlanta

At All Heart Atlanta, an American Heart Association based program, we are dedicated and passionate about creating education solutions for today’s healthcare professionals as well as individuals who are interested in being active in CPR rescues.

In the Heartsaver CPR Certification Program participants learn to respond effectively and confidently to cardiac, respiratory and choking emergencies.

Our ACLS and BLS classes are hands on, informative and fun. We teach CPR and AED for adult, child, and infants along with choking recuses. Our ACLS class is a low stress class with 6 or less people. American Heart Association certification provided same day as class.

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