Project Planning Begins With a Dream

Working with creatives can lead to amazing places because of how they think about problem solving.

Evans Design excels at project planning through understanding from asking questions, researching answers, identifying problems and breaking them down into smaller problems, looking for existing solutions, planning properly, and creating custom solutions.

Step #1 – Thorough Understanding

Success comes from planning and it is impossible to plan without fully understanding what your goals are. Once we understand where you are trying to go we can work with you to focus and refine the roadmap.

Step #2 – Set Current Baseline

The next step in helping you reach your goal is understanding where you are and how you got there. What have you already tried, what resources or capabilities do you have or expect to have, and what is in progress.

Step #3 – Create a Road Map

Once we’ve established what your goals are and have determined where you currently are, we can begin combining what we’ve learned with our experience to create a road map to get you from here to there.

Step #4 – Break it Down

In order to execute a big plan, we break it down into smaller phases that can be accomplished in specific time periods and within specific budgets.

Step #5 – Project Planning Execution and Accountability

While we follow the road map to your goals, we periodically meet to review the plan and report back to project stakeholders.

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