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High Quality Graphic Design from Alpharetta Graphic Designer Chip Evans

What’s the difference between a freelance graphic designer, a big agency, and a boutique like Evans Design Studio?

You want high quality graphic design but how do you choose between a freelance graphic designer, a big design agency, and a boutique design studio like Evans Design?

Freelance Graphic Designers

There’s no shortage of high quality freelance graphic designers out there. You can even get one-off design projects completed for $5 on Fiverr. But is that the best way to hire a graphic designer? Sure if uninformed and disjointed pieces are what you’re after.

Don’t take that the wrong way. The talent is there. There are some unbelievably talented freelancers out there. The problems that usually creep into using freelancers is lack of understanding how a one-off project fits into a company’s big picture. Freelancers tend to craft beautiful pieces that don’t always take business considerations into account.

Big Design Agencies

Big, full-service agencies are also easy to come by. They can be great to work with because they tend to have more graphic design resources at their disposal. These resources come in handy for large, complex projects that require expertise in many different specialties.

Agencies also come with a much larger overhead which often translates into a larger project budget. You can usually expect longer turn-around times because of the extra effort it takes to coordinate and manage a larger team.

Boutique Design Studios Like Evans Design

I’m an entrepreneur and take business considerations into account on every project I work on. I treat every flier and brochure as a graphic design piece that is going to impact your bottom line. I want to know how your company is positioned in the marketplace, who your competitors are, who your target audience is and what other pieces does your company have.

Your graphic design project is much more than just a portfolio piece for me. Each graphic design project is an investment on your part. This means each finished graphic design project also has an impact on your bottom line. My ultimate goal is to give you a positive return on your investment and help make your message more impactful and memorable.

Graphic Design Examples

Annual Report High Quality Graphic Design

Georgia Tech Annual Report Design

Law Firm Brochure Design - Oversized Brochure - Pocket Folder with Inserts

Atlanta Law Firm Pocket Folder Brochure Design

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High Quality Graphic Design for Men's Product Catalog

Men’s Product Catalog Design

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Signage Design - Point of Sale Poster Design

National Cosmetic Company Point of Sale Signage Design

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