Digital Marketing and PPC Advertising

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and PPC Advertising

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a high-level view of all messaging delivered to consumers in some digital way. This can include anything text, image, video or media of any kind. It could be a commercial, a tweet, an article, or it could simply be a downloadable white paper.

The common aspects are these things are delivered digitally and meant for consumption.

Content Marketing

The internet is a leaning forward medium. This means that people actively engage with it. Usually by leaning forward. Television is a leaning back medium in that people passively engage with it. Usually by leaning back.

Content is King

People lean forward into the internet primarily because they are looking for something. That something is usually information of some kind or other. In other words, content. This is why marketers often say Content is King!

Content marketing is a pillar of all other forms of digital marketing. If gives you something of value to give or trade with your audience. That’s why content is king and why creating great content is always a wise business investment.

Context is God

Everything always comes back to domain authority. You could have great content but if that content isn’t focused and lacks context, it will rarely be seen. Create clever, shareable content that speaks to your audience. Educate and inspire them and you’ll be seen as a valuable resource. This will help build your brand, people will come back to you and you’ll earn authority.

Social Media Marketing

Sharing is caring. The fact that people are checking you out on social media is what makes social media marketing so important these days. They want to know how you engage with the public. Like it or not, you are judged by where you are and what you’re sharing.

A lot of people will begin their research on social networks before making a buying decision. This can be a request for recommendations from peers to reaching out to a business directly to ask for specific information.

The more quality content you share the more likely it is that your audience will engage and share that content. Sharing and engagement ultimately leads to new customers and a broader reach.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the older forms of digital marketing. It is often the most overlooked form of outreach. Direct marketing through email is a great way to reach customers with targeted information.

  • To successfully use email marketing you need to do a few things well.
  • Regularity – You will be ignored if your emails lack a regular schedule
  • Relevance – You will be ignored if you send emails that lack relevance
  • Coordination – You will not be taken seriously if you have conflicting messages across channels
  • Strategy – You will not be taken seriously if your campaign lacks planning

Paid Search

The days of collecting a million followers on Facebook and having your message get in front of them for free are long gone. The good news is that there are so many active users that it doesn’t cost very much to get in front of them.

Each social media network has a paid component to it. Facebook and Instagram are great at targeting people based on who they are and what they like. Google is great for targeting people based on what they are looking for right then.

Each channel has pros and cons and it is best to understand them so you can make an informed decision.

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