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Logo, Identity and Brand – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever started a business or read anything about starting a business you have run across the terms brand identity design, corporate identity, brand identity, logo design, brand strategy, branding, and identity design. Did I leave any out?

A lot of the time these terms are used interchangeably but they actually have different meanings.

Brand Identity Design Graphic Explaining the relationship between logo design, identity design and branding.
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What is a brand? Branding Identity Design Explained

What is a Brand?

A company’s brand is the general perception of that company. A brand is the culmination of a company’s reputation, values, culture, customer service, public relations, products, and services. Everything said, written or thought about a company influences that company’s brand.

What is Branding?

Branding is the effort a company invests to make a great impression on its target audience. Marketing and public relations departments put great effort into crafting the brand identity design in order to influence how the public perceives a company.

What is Identity?

A company’s identity is made up of the visual elements used to identify the company. These elements are meant to be visually consistent which makes them easily recognizable. Tangible elements that make up a company’s identity include:

  • Logo and Logo Variations
  • Icon
  • Corporate Colors
  • Approved Fonts
  • Collateral such as letterhead, business cards, envelopes, notecards and labels
  • Product Packaging
  • Websites
  • Social Media Properties
  • Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Messaging

What is a Style Guide or Brand Manual?

A style guide or brand manual is a corporate document identifying and explaining what the approved brand components are. This document usually includes instructions on use and how to obtain approved resources.

What is a Logo?

A logo is the identifying mark that a company’s identity and brand are built on. Great logos truly capture a company’s culture and connects with their customers.

The best logos are simple. They don’t try to tell everything but what they say is important. For example, a swoosh doesn’t tell you everything about Nike’s clothing, shoes or equipment. But it does act as a visual shorthand for what you know about Nike.

Custom Logo Design or Brand Identity Design

Evans Design Studio provides custom logo design as part of our comprehensive brand identity design package. We will design your logo as an a-la-carte service but not without explaining that you are much better served with a comprehensive identity.

A fully designed identity will give you a foundation on which to build your brand. These include your logo, color palette, typography, stationery, website, and future collateral like brochures.

All of these elements should be unique to your company and help illustrate your brand. A logo is only the first part of your identity and brand.

Hurst Financial Services Company Branding Identity Design - Atlanta Brand Designer

Law Firm Brand Identity Design by Evans Design Studio

Corporate Identity Design

Logo Design & Identity Portfolio

A Logo Design Sums Up Your Company’s Ideals Using Typography, Photography and Illustration

Your Logo Design should be the perfect shorthand that sums up your company, its ideals and culture with the purpose to promote instant public recognition.

Corporate Identity and Logo Design for Johns Creek Technology Company
Custom Logo Design for Hawaii Travel Company by Johns Creek Logo Designer Chip Evans
Physical Therapy Logo Design
Custom Logo Design for Johns Creek Home Improvement Company

Custom Logo Designer

Evans Design Studio is an award-winning Atlanta Custom Logo Designer that truly captures a company’s brand and culture further connecting them with their customers.
Corporate Identity Design for Johns Creek Technology Company

What makes a great custom logo design?

As an Atlanta custom logo designer we understand the sole purpose of a company’s logo is to aid and promote instant public recognition by perfectly illustration a company’s culture. It needs to be memorable and clearly reflect the values and spirit of what it represents. A professional logo strives to make tangible the things which are felt and intended in order to reinforce what is seen and touched. Because of this, a logo is the foundation that your company’s brand is built on. A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for. That could be a promise to deliver satisfaction and quality or a testament to your trustworthiness and integrity. A good logo and a good brand lives in and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the intended consumer because it is simple, clear, concise, recognizable, consistent, and memorable.

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Corporate Identity, Custom Logo Design & Graphics

Custom Graphic for Home Improvement Company

custom magnolia graphic for home improvement and furniture restoration company porch productions by Atlanta Custom Logo Designer Evans Design Studio

Porch Productions is a craftsman style home improvement company in Fayetteville, GA. known for handmade barn doors, hand-finished furniture, tables and benches and daybed swings. They contacted Evans Design about turning their tagline “Life is Better on the Porch ™” into a custom magnolia graphic while remaining true to their hallmark handmade style.

Property Management Company Logo

Hawaiian property management company logo by Atlanta Custom Logo Designer Evans Design Studio

Explore Lanai is a company that provides property management and tours on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai. The colors and shapes are representative of the natural richness and allure of Hawaii from the rich brown soil, the lush foliage, and the Hawaiian Lei.

Construction Company Logo

Atlanta construction company logo by Atlanta Custom Logo Designer Evans Design Studio

Christian Warren Homes is a small custom home builder located in Atlanta. The logo utilizes red as it’s main color to represent Mr. Warren’s passion and drive. The handwritten font represents signing on the line and giving your word and staking your reputation on the quality of your product. This is particularly important because Mr. Warren considers his reputation to be his greatest asset. The secondary font, a serif font in a chiseled and history style, is representative of the solid foundation and history on which Christian Warren Homes is built.

Gym and Wellness Center Logo

Atlanta Physical Therapy Practice Logo by Atlanta Custom Logo Designer Evans Design Studio

Equipoise is a exercise and wellness facility that derived it’s name from the Latin word meaning ‘the state of being equally balanced.’ The logo plays off the yin-yang which is the ultimate symbol of balance. We used white and black as the main colors because of the perfect contrast. The ‘e’ logo mark placed on the top left of the logo balances the tag-line with is at the bottom right. The gradient from light to dark balances the ‘e’ symbol. The small tag-line balances the larger company name. The ‘q’ and the ‘p’ and the two ‘i’s balance each
other out as well.