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Services Provided by Evans Design Studio

We pride ourselves on providing premium quality design services, excellent customer service and dependable marketing results.

The broad strokes of our WordPress website design packages are we will install and customize the premium WordPress template Avada, design and optimize up-to 10 pages, train you how to properly create new pages and posts, and then train you how to maintain your new website. All customers get 30 days of free support with additional maintenance packages and managed services available.

EDS recommends Avada because it is not only the best selling and best maintained WordPress template available but it is also a very versatile design framework. This allows us to deliver premium quality design and functionality quickly and inexpensively because we’ve honed our process making the customization, maintenance, and training easy and repeatable. This time savings is passed on to you so you can spend your time and money focusing on growing your business.

These website design packages include:

  • Responsive Website Design so you can provide the best user experience (UX) no matter where your customers are
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you can easily build upon as your strategy grows and evolves
  • Basic Inbound Marketing setup so that you can beginning to convert visitors  on Day 1
  • Ecommerce functionality and compatibility so you can quickly and inexpensively start selling online
  • Forum functionality and compatibility so you can easily communicate with visitors
  • Accessible WCAG 2.0 Compatibility
  • Free Theme Upgrades as they become available so your site will always be up-to-date

Have a look at our WordPress Website Design Portfolio.

You’re the Subject Matter Expert

Your input in crucial to the success of your custom web site design project because you are the subject matter expert when it comes to your company. In order for us to deliver a product that reaches your goals, we need to sit down with you and have an in-depth interview to establish what targets we’re trying to hit. From there we can determine how best to build the website to align with and measure progress towards your goals.

Custom Design is a Process

We will take your input and craft a visual mock-up of your new site. We will present and refine this design until everyone loves the look, feel, tone, and treatment. You will be an active part of this process and your feedback and input will be requested every step of the way.

Construction and Implementation

We will take the selected designs and very quickly turn them into a fully functioning website. This part of the process is iterative. We will work on the site as a whole bringing it towards completion as one whole project. You will have direct access to the development server and are invited to watch the site being built in real-time.

Test and Launch

At the end of construction and after the site has been implemented in the final hosting environment, we will go through a final testing phase. You and all stakeholders are asked to test the site to make sure it meets all expectations. Once we receive a full approval we will provide you and your key employees with training and documentation so you can maintain the site yourself. If you require help in the future or want to hire a knowledgeable firm to maintain the site for you, we’re always here.

Have a look at our Website Design Portfolio.

What makes a great logo?

custom logo design atlanta construction companyA logo is a graphic or symbol with the sole purpose to aid and promote instant public recognition. It needs to be memorable and clearly reflect the values and spirit of what it represents. A great logo strives to make tangible the things which are felt and intended in order to reinforce what is seen and touched. Because of this, a logo is the foundation that your company’s brand is built on. A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for. That could be a promise to deliver satisfaction and quality or a testament to your trustworthiness and integrity. A good logo and a good brand lives in and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the intended consumer because it is simple, clear, concise, recognizable, consistent, and memorable.

Have  a look at our logo portfolio.

WordPress, Drupal, and Custom Web Site Design and Development

Atlanta Best Web Design Services

EDS provides Best Web Design Services and has extensive experience developing complex online tools while keeping management processes simple. We have developed a proven and repeatable system of helping small businesses maximize budgets by identifying best in class solutions and matching client needs with resources.

Whether you’re looking for a scalable and user-friendly solution that can be implemented and maintained easily and inexpensively or something simple, you can leverage our expertise to get premium design, functionality, and service without paying premium prices. We focus on developing custom processes and software solutions that require minimal maintenance while also empowering clients to either manage the sites and tools we create for them or provide managed services with a minimal cost.

For example, we either recommend WordPress or Drupal as a platform for development for most our clients. WordPress is the most popular open-source software used online followed by Drupal. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses but their popularity make them reliable platforms that will be actively grown and supported long into the future. This gives each platform a tremendous and accessible built-in talent pool for future development.

There are multiple market places to get premium themes and plugins for both platforms and we recommend Theme Forest. Like everything else, quality and cost can vary greatly they do an excellent job of maintaining a high standard. Pitfalls to avoid are fly-by-night developers that won’t continually update their products leading to decreased security, and poorly developed products that lead to integration problems. There are a handful of premium themes that are flexible when it comes to design, management and administration and are priced under $100. In some cases that cost includes lifetime theme updates.

For hosting we recommend Pantheon as the Website Management Platform because they are WordPress and Drupal specific. Their service is optimized for WordPress and Drupal and this focus is why their service consistently outperforms competitors. The platforms’ popularity make them targets they have developed increased security features like changing file structure to move common files and also automatically updating WordPress core and plug-in files which are common targets of hackers. Additional security features such as nightly backups, firewalls, sFTP access, and scheduled Malware scans are standard practices. Typical cost for this service is based on traffic and ranges between $25-$100 per month.

For micro-businesses looking for less expensive hosting, we recommend GoDaddy Premium WordPress hosting. They have hosting plans that fit any budget and do a good job with speed, reliability, and security.

The bottom-line is we strive to lead clients down a path that allows them to retain complete and centralized control of their web project using best-in-class solutions and receiving premium design and superior results.

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