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Evans Design Studio is an award-winning Atlanta Custom Logo Designer that truly captures a company’s brand and culture further connecting them with their customers.

Corporate Identity Design for Johns Creek Technology Company by Atlanta Custom Logo Designer Evans Design Studio

What makes a great custom logo design?

As an Atlanta custom logo designer we understand the sole purpose of a company’s logo is to aid and promote instant public recognition by perfectly illustration a company’s culture. It needs to be memorable and clearly reflect the values and spirit of what it represents. A professional logo strives to make tangible the things which are felt and intended in order to reinforce what is seen and touched. Because of this, a logo is the foundation that your company’s brand is built on. A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for. That could be a promise to deliver satisfaction and quality or a testament to your trustworthiness and integrity. A good logo and a good brand lives in and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the intended consumer because it is simple, clear, concise, recognizable, consistent, and memorable.

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