Creative Services & The Process

Dreaming, Designing, Building, and Growing
Finely Crafted Design in Alpharetta

Evans Design Studio provides award-winning creative services focusing on graphic design, custom web design, search engine optimization strategy and local marketing.

Working with creatives can lead to amazing places because of how they think about problem solving.

Evans Design excels at project planning through understanding from asking questions, researching answers, identifying problems and breaking them down into smaller problems, looking for existing solutions, planning properly, and creating custom solutions.

Logo & Brand Identity Design
I need a graphic designer to design my logo

I need a creative agency to design a logo or brand identity for my business or product.

Custom Website Design
I need a Web Designer to build me a website

I need a custom or WordPress website designed for my business or product.

eCommerce Website Design
I need a web designer to provide hosting, tech support or website management.

I need a custom eCommerce website built using WordPress & WooCommerce.

High Quality Graphic Design
I need a graphic designer to provide High Quality Graphic Design

I need help from a professional graphic designer on a design project involving a brochure, trade show booth, or magazine.

Digital Marketing & PPC
I need a digital marketer to help with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

I need a digital agency to help with marketing campaigns for my business or product.

SEO and Reputation Management
I need an SEO Pro to manage my reputation

I need a Search Engine Marketing Company to help me with my SEO and reputation management.

The Creative Process

The First Step is Thorough Understanding

Success comes from dreaming about goals. The first step towards achieving your goals is having a thorough understanding of what those goals are. Once the goals are understood we can correctly plan a roadmap to get you there.

The Second Step is Pursuing Good Design

I take a practical, real-world approach to design. Design is about usability and inspiring action. Good design comes from the ability to identity a problem and then clearly designing its solution.

The Third Step is Choosing the Right Technology

Technology transforms design. User experience, management, resources, expected advancement, optimization, sustainability and goals all play an important role in choosing which technology and platform is the best way to get to your goals.

The Fourth Step is Growing

You arrived. Now what? Planning for growth and expansion takes research and strategy. I use all tools available to objectively determine what your baseline is so that improvements can be honestly judged in the future.

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