Reasons to Start a Business in Cumming, GA

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There are many reasons to start a business in Cumming, Georgia. Some of the things to consider when deciding where to start up include the city culture, networking and events held in the area, the lifestyle of the residents, the cost of living, and the local talent pool. In 2015, The Atlanta Business Chronicle rated Cumming one of the 10 best cities in the state to start a business in. Being the center of trade for Forsyth County and the [...]

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Website Ranked

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5 Easy Steps to Get Your Website Ranked In an ideal SEO scenario, having the ability to make a few changes to your website and immediately have your website rank #1 for your chosen keyword would be perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and you have to play the long game when it comes to SEO optimizsation as there’s no shortcut to your wanted success. In this post, we’ll look at what steps are needed in order to increase your [...]

How to Perform a Website SEO Audit

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Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Perform Your Own  Website SEO Audit Create Your 2018 SEO & Content Strategy Report 2018 is here and it is time to do a thorough website seo audit. Now is the time to review your website to determine what your current strengths and weaknesses are, identify potential challenges, and plan for world domination. A Website Audit and SEO & Content Strategy Brief should include a comprehensive strategy to improve the overall search rankings and results for your website. [...]

6 Free SEO Tools Business Owners Should be Using

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6 Free SEO Tools Business Owners Should be Using You went through the trouble of building a website because you want it to be seen. Search engine optimization is how you make that happen. It is the most important strategy for business owners trying to drive traffic to their websites. Here are 6 important free seo tools for small business! You might be a seasoned businessman with no SEO experience or a small business with more time than money. Regardless [...]

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