Build Your Own Business Website Like A Pro [DIY Guide]

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This is the definitive guide to build your own business website like a pro in 2020. This guide to build your own business website includes instructional content, videos, downloads and plenty of shortcuts to keep you engaged and moving forward. To ensure you don't get stuck, I've set up a Facebook support group where I'll answer all of your questions. It's all free, by the way. I don't charge anything to teach you how to build this simple [...]

How to Create a Logo Using Placeit vs. Adobe Illustrator

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Featured image: Macbook Pro by Placeit A Complete Guide on How to Create a Logo If your business is growing or you just started a new project, you are probably thinking about your logo design. Why? Because it is basically the most important essential aspect of your whole business. So we can say with confidence, it is a big deal and you should think about it before developing any other thing. Maybe you don’t really know how to create [...]

Color Psychology [Infographic]

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Trying to Increase Your Website Conversion? Color Psychology Might Help Over the centuries, colors have played an important role in people’s lives. They’ve represented social status and embellished idiomatic expressions. While certain shades were once difficult to produce and acquire, today we often take colors for granted, perhaps due to the fact that there are so many to choose from. But did you know that colors go beyond decoration and art? In marketing and business, understanding the impact of color [...]

Best Free Design Resources

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Free Design RESOURCES - Photography, Vector and HTML 5 Video Sources Gathering Art and Supporting Graphics There are plenty of places that offer subscription services for stock art and photography but that can break the budget quickly, especially if you're just starting out. The resources below are my favorite go-to's when I don't want to sacrifice quality but it's just not in the budget. has great quality images for free. The best feature by far is being able to [...]

Planning Content for Your New Website

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ACTIVITY - Download & Fill Out the Client Interview Form Whenever I start a project I provide the client with a Client Interview Form for them to fill out prior to our kickoff meeting. Go ahead and download yours and fill out as much as you can. It is a good exercise to get focused. ACTIVITY - Create a Sitemap & Plan Your Content A sitemap is basically a bulleted list of the page structure, or architecture, of your [...]