Build Your Own Business Website

The Definitive Guide for 2020

This guide to build your own business website includes instructional content, videos, downloads and plenty of shortcuts to keep you engaged and moving forward. To ensure you don’t get stuck, I’ve set up a Facebook support group where I’ll answer all of your questions.

It’s all free, by the way. I don’t charge anything to teach you how to build this simple business website. The tools you’ll need aren’t free and unfortunately I can’t give them to you. BUT they’re inexpensive and more than worth every penny. Need proof? This website and every website I build is done this exact way.

In this comprehensive guide to build your own business website I’ll cover:

  • Where to acquire professional tools and resources without overpaying
  • How to properly setup and use your new tools and resources
  • How to create & gather high-quality content and graphics including logos & eye-catching visuals
  • How to correctly setup WordPress & your theme
  • How to design & build engaging web pages
  • How to extend your site’s functionality with contact forms
  • How to optimize your website for mobile and speed

So, if you want a professionally designed website for about what you’d pay for a nice dinner out, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

Build Your Own Website Like a Pro - The Definitive Guide


How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 1: Project Kickoff

Chapter 1: Acquire

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 2: Setting Up Technology