Build Your Own Business Website

The Definitive Guide for 2020

This guide to build your own business website includes instructional content, videos, downloads and plenty of shortcuts to keep you engaged and moving forward. To ensure you don’t get stuck, I’ve set up a Facebook support group where I’ll answer all of your questions.

It’s all free, by the way. I don’t charge anything to teach you how to build this simple business website. The tools you’ll need aren’t free and unfortunately I can’t give them to you. BUT they’re inexpensive and more than worth every penny. Need proof? This website and every website I build is done this exact way.

In this comprehensive guide to build your own business website I’ll cover:

  • Where to acquire professional tools and resources without overpaying
  • How to properly setup and use your new tools and resources
  • How to create & gather high-quality content and graphics including logos & eye-catching visuals
  • How to correctly setup WordPress & your theme
  • How to design & build engaging web pages
  • How to extend your site’s functionality with contact forms
  • How to optimize your website for mobile and speed

So, if you want a professionally designed website for about what you’d pay for a nice dinner out, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

Build Your Own Website Like a Pro - The Definitive Guide


How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 1: Project Kickoff

Chapter 1: Acquire

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 2: Setting Up Technology

Chapter 2: Install

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 3: Gather & Create Content

Chapter 3: Build

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 4: Design & Build

Chapter 4: Extend

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 5: QA Testing

Chapter 5: Launch

How to Build Your Own Website Chapter 6: Optimize & Launch

Chapter 6: Grow



How to Build Your Own Business Website Chapter 1: Acquire

In this chapter we’ll start the same way I start all projects, with a kickoff to focus us on what we have and what we need. In order to do that we need to understand what the moving parts are, where to get them, what to spend money on, and how much to spend. We’ll go over:

  • What the Moving Parts are and the Three Buckets They Fit In
  • What is Needed, What It Costs and Where To Get It
  • Gathering, Creating and Developing Content
  • Gathering and Creating Art

Understanding the Moving Parts

A website is simply defined as an internet destination made up of one or more pages under a common domain name published on at least one web server. That means in order to have a website you need to have:

  • a domain name
  • a web page with content
  • a web server to host and serve your web pages

That’s at the very least. We’re not doing the very least though. We’re going to give this real effort using professional tools so there are a couple more things to add to that list.

  • A Content Management System (CMS)
  • Professional Design Tools
  • High Quality Images and Graphics
  • Advanced Knowledge and Expertise

I’m going to walk you through exactly how I design and develop websites every time I do it. Doing it the same way every time helps me produce websites quickly without sacrificing quality.

This is the process and products I use for this website and all the ones I design.

What You’ll Need & How Much it Costs

All the things you need can be acquired in a few places for about what you ‘d pay for a nice dinner out. There are thousands of places across the web where you can get what you need but quality and price varies greatly. Fear not! I’m going to save you a lot of trial and error.

Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations. The services that I’ve found that provide the most return for the price are:



Domain Name Registration (Per year)$15.95
Siteground’s Startup Hosting (Use My Link & Only Pay $3.95/month. Regularly $11.95/month.)$47.40
Avada Premium WordPress Theme (One-time licensing fee)$60.00
WordPress Content Management System (CMS)FREE
Premium FunctionalityFREE
Stock Photography, Video, GraphicsFREE

That’s it. $123.35 and a few hours worth of work and you can have a professional quality website!

ACTIVITY – Get What Your Need

In a perfect world everyone starts from scratch so we’re all on the same page all the way through. Unfortunately the world isn’t perfect. So choose the combination of products from the box below that best describes your situation and then proceed to the next section.

I’m starting from scratch.

You’ll need to get a Domain Name & Hosting from Siteground and then get a license for Avada.