Free Design RESOURCES – Photography, Vector and HTML 5 Video Sources

Gathering Art and Supporting Graphics

There are plenty of places that offer subscription services for stock art and photography but that can break the budget quickly, especially if you’re just starting out. The resources below are my favorite go-to’s when I don’t want to sacrifice quality but it’s just not in the budget. has great quality images for free. The best feature by far is being able to choose what size image you want to download. When you download images here, choose the size “Medium” or “Large” instead of “Original.” This way you won’t be working with overly large images that slow down your site’s loading time. is known for having free vector graphics but they have also recently moved into photographs. has a limited but really cool selection of free HTML 5 video that you can use as banner backgrounds. is a great, free graphic maker. is a solid, free Photoshop alternative.

Google Slides is a good, graphic creator. As a matter of fact, we use it to create a logo later on.

Font Awesome is already integrated into your theme but you can also download it as a font and install it on your computer.

Market Splash – This is an awesome, comprehensive list of online logo makers. Most are free or have a free version.