10 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for WooCommerce Stores

Do you want to start your online business? WooCommerce is one of the best options. It is an open-source online store with many custom options. Customer satisfaction has become a significant challenge in today’s highly competitive business environment. Coping with this challenge is the key to reaching a large audience. I will share ten essential digital marketing strategies to boost your WooCommerce sales in this article. These excellent strategies will help you attract more visitors.

1. Sell on Marketplaces

We know that marketplaces where millions of customers come to buy online. For instance, Amazon, Daraz, Shopify, eBay, etc. These marketplaces are the best places to help your customers find your brand efficiently; therefore, you can build your brand store on these platforms. For this, you must list some of your best products on the market, not all. You must create dynamic listings to make your brand visible to a large audience. To run your marketing campaigns, you can add premium branding. They will help your customers to buy directly from your website.

2. Create a Story-Driven Product Page

We humans love stories. We can forget stats and figures but not the stories. Everyone loves a good story. Creating a good story about your brand can attract an ideal audience without editing anything. So start your product stories and increase your sales. Your product story will differentiate your brand and make you win the competition by generating more demand.

Moreover, add images and videos to your story and provide a good product description. To make your story more interesting, add more than general information. For instance, you may also count on how your brand is environmentally conscious and provide more advanced options such as WooCommerce name your price. AI-powered tools are the best option; you can create more and more stories that match your customers’ preferences. You can also conduct surveys to get general feedback on your brand.

3. Optimize your Website Speed

Optimization of the website speed is the key to any successful WooCommerce store. An increase in speed will enable your customers to browse through the products they want quickly. If your website takes time, your customer will immediately search for other similar websites. Thus, website speed is a deciding factor to increase or decrease your sales. To improve your website’s loading speed, pick the right WooCommerce hosting platform. Ensure your website speed to improve your sales. Moreover, there are multiple WooCommerce plugins and themes available that can reduce your website’s loading speed.

4. Make Product Videos

Making product videos is the best strategy to increase your sales manifold. Where an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth many thousand words. Viewers prefer videos over images. Today, we see that every successful brand makes its product videos. Product videos enable your audience to understand your brand more effectively. You need to make a proper product video explaining your brand. This strategy will help you increase your CRO. According to a survey, 94% of digital marketers say that product video is one of the best strategies to attract more customers. The more proper a video is, the more customers will like to watch it. More watching time means more visitors are likely to become your customers.

5. Provide Discounts and Coupons to Customers

People love discounts. Provide discounts on each of your products. Discounts will automatically increase your WooCommerce sales. Today, almost every big brand provides discounts to its customers. The reason is that discounts result in a win-win situation for sellers and customers. Digital stores use various methods of discounts like category discounts, price discounts, and so on. Many plugins are available on WooCommerce that can help you to display your discounts. You need to install these plugins on your digital stores. These plugins can quickly convert your visitors into meaningful customers. Moreover, you can also provide deals and coupons to your existing customers. Make your discounts and coupons persuasive and attract your customers easily.

6. Integrate High-Quality Product Images

Quality images persuade your customers to buy your products. Every successful digital store knows that making high-quality images is necessary to attract more customers in today’s highly competitive environment. An image worth a thousand words. Therefore, add high-quality photos to your stores in different locations. The more appealing your product images are, the more visitors will likely become your customers. More images may slow down your website. You can add various features from the WooCommerce platform to reduce the load of your product images.

7. Place Banners at Strategic Locations on your Page

Visitors generally visit digital stores, which immediately attract their attention. You can help your customers by displaying more and more banners and images in different locations of your store. Your product banners should be visually appealing. Every banner should convey the features of your products more effectively. You can attract and convert more visitors by placing your high-quality and well-written images in the proper locations of your store. Your banners should be appealing, eye-grabbing, and festive. Color contrast should reflect the essence of your digital store.

8. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using social media platforms for digital marketing has become the top strategy of every e-commerce store. You can use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to make your marketing strategy more effective. These social media platforms have billions of subscribers. Proper marketing strategy on these platforms can boost your sales manifold. Videos and images with adequate product descriptions can help you attract more and more customers.

9. Work with Influencers to Gain Visibility

Today, you will see that every big brand is getting the services of social media influencers to gain brand visibility. That is why social media influencers have become a prominent feature of every e-commerce store’s marketing strategy. Social media influencers have a large fandom. This means that influencers promote your brands, increase your website traffic, and help millions of conversions. Seeing these benefits, influencers have become an essential part of every advanced marketing strategy. Customers trust the brands promoted by influencers and celebrities.

10. Simplify Shipping for Customers

When customers visit your website, they check the shipping method and cost before making any purchase. Customers trust you when your shipping methods are simple and less costly. Unauthentic and incomplete information about shipping discourages customers and prevents purchasing. To keep your customers engaged, simplify your shipping methods, and keep your shipping costs suitable. Several plugins, like The Hide Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce, are available on WooCommerce platforms, offering multiple shipping options.


I have shared ten essential digital marketing strategies for your WooCommerce stores in this article. These strategies are beneficial when it comes to digital marketing. If you build your online store, these strategies will help you boost your sales. All successful WooCommerce stores are using these marketing strategies to increase their sales.

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